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The 10th Crusade




Abe Lincoln was opposed to the extension of slavery into the territories. So was William H. Seward with his talk of a ‘higher law’ than the US Constitution. Salmon P. Chase was opposed to the extension of slavery. So was John Brown. “I, John Brown, am quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land can never be purged away but with blood,” he said on his way to the gallows. Thomas Jefferson said, “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” George H. Thomas was a Virginian who remained loyal to the Union during the American Civil War. Thomas commanded the Army of the Cumberland during the Battle of Nashville. The story is told that one day after a particularly nasty set-to an aide asked him if he wanted the dead buried by states. “No, no, mix ‘em up,” said the Rock of Chickamagua. “I have had enough of this States Rights business.”

It was a good fight—the right fight—the only fight. Lincoln, Seward, Chase: John Brown and George H. Thomas—there were others, hundreds, thousands more—and it put an end to slavery in the United States forever, they thought. But that was almost 150 years ago. Times change. It is a new age, a new dispensation is upon us and the threat of slavery being extended into America—into what has become the dar al-Harb is real. It is not the old slavery of the antebellum South, the slavery of Rhett and Scarlett, of mint juleps, of plantations aglow with fine living, of Uncle Tom’s cabin and grinning darkies with slave auctions and the underground railroad in the background; this new servitude has little to do with race and much to do with sex and is slowly being extended into the modern world. It is the slavery of Islam—sexist, chauvinist, primordial, invading the free world. There have been warnings…Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, Theo van Gogh; canaries in Islam’s mineshaft…beware of the Mullahs, beware of the Imams, beware of Islam…slavery is not freedom.

Barack Obama has not had the will to stand up to the slave masters in Riyadh and Teheran. Will Mitt Romney? The Neville Chamberlains in the State Department—Hillary Cliinton and Susan Rice—have failed to put freedom for the slaves of Islam above their petty Marxist-Lenninist conceits. Will the doughfaces at Columbia and Berkeley do any better? Will NOW and the grand dames at Code Pink ever realize that Archie Bunker was never a sexist, chauvinist pig and that Mohammad was and still is?

It is easy for members of SWINE (Students Woefully Ignorant of Nearly Everything) to call George W. Bush a Nazi; impossible for them because of political correctness and cultural diversity to refer to a terrorist as a terrorist. The sexist chauvinist pigs have come to roost in America and the students listen in stupefaction to the President’s talk of a war on women.

This is the Last Crusade. Lose this one and mankind—make that humankind—goes back to the 7th Century.

Abigail Adams was born free, so was Martha Washington. Harriet Tubman wasn’t but was freed. Freedom is choice; freedom is candor. There is none of that in Islam. Betty Boop had more rights in her garter than the deluded Hanadi Jaradat had in her suicide bomber’s belt. Muslim women are not free. Unfortunately, the world does not care, the broad masses wrapped in a blissful ignorance, concerned with their own lives, wouldn’t respond effectively if they knew. The field has been left to the sexist chauvinist pigs and a few protesters; the rest are doughfaces, Abrahamists or those who belong to the MSNBC  “I don’t want to know the truth society.” 

The truth…yes, the truth. What truth? This truth. 

Tabari IX:113 "Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animas and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of theri bodies  lawful in his Qur'an."

Tabari I: 280 “Allah said, ‘It is my obligation to make Eve bleed once every month as she made this tree bleed. I must also make Eve stupid, although I created her intelligent.’ Because Allah afflicted Eve, all of the women of this world menstruate and   are stupid.”
Bukhari V1B22N28 "The Prophet said, 'I was shown the Hell Fire and the majority of its dwellers were women who are disbelievers or ungrateful.' When asked what they were ungrateful for, the Prophet answered, 'All the favors done for them by their husbands.'"
Ishaq: 185 "Tell the men with you who have wives: Never trust a woman." 

Female circumcision; honor killings; arranged marriages; rape.

”Allah is oft-forgiving (Qur’an 24:34) 

Does one need more proof? Yet there are those who say Islam is in the midst of a reformation. It will take time. The Muslim Martin Luther is just around the corner—give them another 1,400 years. John Esposito, Islam’s master apologist at Georgetown University, says the challenge will be to transfer the reformulations of the elite few to the institutions and peoples of Islam. It will be a revolution from above—no grubby tradesmen meeting in the Green Dragon Tavern to pressure John and Samuel Adams, no party of sweating husbandmen complaining to George Washington of taxes and Anglican injustice. It will be a revolution of the best minds Islam has to offer, those of the highest principles who are always right and know what is best for the people.

And during this everlasting interregnum the West must do all it can to aid the reformers. They must cease with the pejoratives and the invectives. It is time to ban such phrases as Islamic Jihad and Muslim terrorists. Terrorists are terrorists, not Islamic or Muslim. Tim McVeigh was a Christian. The UN has made a good start in this direction. The First Amendment is dying a slow death while the White House supports the Muslim Brotherhood and prattles nonsensically about a woman’s right to wear a hijab.

Never refer to Muslim men as sexist, chauvinist, homophobic pigs—not that anyone has or ever will, political correctness will see to that. The media rules the debate. The term ‘sexist, chauvinist, homophobic pig’ is applied exclusively to white heterosexual males who may have offended the likes of Rosie O’Donnell or Janeane Garofalo or the girls at Air-America. 

Nonetheless sexist chauvinist behavior is on the rise in Islam. 

A recent survey of more than 2,000 Egyptian men and women and 109 foreign women resident in Egypt was more than revealing, it was a cause for alarm. Sixty-two percent of the male respondents said they had harassed women (some admitted they did it frequently); 83 percent of the female respondents said they had been harassed. Half of the men surveyed said the women brought it on themselves. Apologists like Esposito would say the ‘surge’ was due to economic hardship and lack of religious values. “Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in His Qur’an.” Apparently it was the one religious value the 62 percent remembered from Madrassas.

A majority of the female respondents said they had been dressed conservatively and had done nothing to bring on the harassment. But 1,400 years of brainwashing has had its effect. Some of the women said that if they had been wearing revealing clothes and they had been harassed they would have deserved it. Many women reported being harassed on a daily basis.

The master-slave-relationship that exists between men and women in Islam is something that should not be introduced into America. Sure, sure, it is already here and the politically correct, culturally neutered media long ago determined not to talk about it, it would be an embarrassment to America’s latest protected species. Where are you Chris Matthews? Where are you Geraldo Rivera?

It is too late for Aqsa Parvez but there are others in need of help now, not tomorrow, not 1,400 years from now when Esposito’s changes go into effect. It is time for a new underground railroad, some secret route whereby Muslim women like Fauzia Mohammad of Henrietta, New York, can slip away from their ‘plantations’ to a safe haven like San Francisco where people like Mayor Gavin Newsom can protect them—people bold enough to stand up to the US Government. Certainly, if the Californians can succor militant gays and illegal aliens they should be able to protect those that really need protection. California prides itself on being on the cutting edge of civilization. Someone has to make a start. If not California, who else?

Gavin Newsom? California? No.They are fools. Castrated by cultural diversity, braindead after decades of swilling political correctness they are not the answer to anything.  Liberalism is kaput—finished. The answer lies elsewhere.

What America needs is a Frontier Texas not a rotting California; John Brown and Abe Lincoln not Gavin Newsom and Barack Obama; William Lloyd Garrison and Harriet Beecher Stowe not Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper; Edwin M. Stanton to take out the garbage not Eric Holder to add to it; William H. Seward not Hillary Clinton; David Horowitz and Robert Spencer not Chris Matthews.and Keith Olbermann.

This is the Last Crusade—there won’t be another.

1,460 Reasons not to

 vote for Barack Obama




Barack Obama is an anti-Semite. He is also the first pro-Muslim president of the United States. While Woodrow Wilson and Ulysses S. Grant might be described as anti-Semitic neither did anything to harm the state of Israel, which, in any event, did not exist at the times of their presidencies. And it can be argued that Grant’s notorious anti-Semitic order expelling all Jews from Kentucky was more the result of his father’s association with Jewish traders than to any anti-Semitism on his part.


Obama, on the other hand, has snubbed Israel, praised Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance, and has turned a blind eye to the obvious objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood—world domination and the destruction of the United States.  Obama has said more good things about the Brotherhood than he has about the Tea Party.


John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, wrote this of Islam:  “He (Mohammad) poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as part of his religion, against the rest of mankind.”


Thomas Jefferson sent the fleet into the Mediterranean to rescue sailors that had been dragged into slavery by Muslims corsairs. Forget the stupidities and lies mouthed by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN): “Jefferson learned about Islam from his slaves who quite naturally were more intelligent than the non-Muslim slaves.” Jefferson knew what Islam was like.


Is Obama a Muslim? Does it matter? If he is a Muslim when did he become one? The answer lies in his childhood. His mother took him to Indonesia when he was six years old. He spent three years at St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic school in Jakarta, and a fourth year at a public school, Menteng One. Religious studies were not required at either school but the young Obama was registered at both schools as a Muslim and he elected to study Islam at Menteng One.


What little is known of his school days in Indonesia is that he was very religious and that some of his fellow students made fun of him because of the accent he used in reading from the Qur’an. This would have been the start of his anti-Semitism. Add to this the influence of his father and mother and the child, he was ten years old, was on his way to a pew in Father Coughlin’s House of Anti-Semitism.


Then came the gap. Where was he between Jakarta and 1988 when he joined the Trinity United Church of Christ? Was he doing kid stuff? Was he smoking pot and palling around with rich white kids? Or was he imbibing Marxism and social justice?


By 1988 he was embarking on a political career. Jeremiah Wright, the senior pastor at Trinity, was a former Muslim and a Liberation Theologian. He was anti-Semitic and anti-American. He was a friend of Louis Farrakhan. Obama was looking for a base—a loyal base, one that would fit his tastes or at least his preconceived notion of what things should be like. He was baptized in 1988. In 2008 he threw Jeremiah Wright under the bus.


Obama has said a woman has a right to wear a hijab. Sure, as much as a burglar has a right to wear a mask. The President did not say a woman has a right not to wear a hijab. In many parts of the world Muslim governments have ordered women to wear this ridiculous sign of inferiority or else. Women have been dragged off buses and murdered for not wearing the hijab in Iraq and Pakistan.


The President’s silence on these abominations is indicative of his inability to understand human rights. This should not be surprising. Marxists have never cared about human rights, natural, political, or God-given, and Obama is a Marxist—big M, small m, it doesn’t matter. Furthermore, the President is not a Christian—he is an Abrahamist.


When one believes the three great monotheistic religions have more in common that they have in differences one has reached Dante’s Inferno on All Fools Day. Obama will not defend Christianity. He is not a Crusader—he is a Chicago politician. He has failed to transcend the indoctrination of his early years. Nor is he a great thinker.


The Qur’an says that those who believe that Jesus, son of Mary, is God are blasphemers and will suffer an eternal doom. They are heretics; they are unbelievers. Catholics comprise a substantial portion of the Christian population. It is inconceivable that any American Catholic, knowing what they should know about Obama, could vote for him for President—or for several other members of the Democratic Party.


For better or worse, the Party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy has become the anti-White, the anti-heterosexual, the anti-Christian, and the anti-male party. The record speaks for itself: whenever there is a dispute between Whites and non-Whites, the Democrats are sure to side with of the non-Whites; whenever there is a dispute between heterosexuals and homosexuals they are sure to side with the homosexuals; whenever there is a dispute between Christians and non-Christians they are sure to side with the non-Christians; whenever there is a dispute between men and women they are sure to side with the women.


They are not friends of the military and whenever there is a crisis between America and a foreign nation they always manage to find some reason to support or make excuses for America’s enemies. Their leader is an anti-Semite, a Marxist and an Abrahamist. Yes, an Abrahamist.


Robert Edgar and John Esposito have done a great job promoting Abrahamism but it’s a sham, a con game. If one feels his religion isn’t any better than anyone else’s then he doesn’t have much of a religion to begin with and what little he has is inferior to that of others.


There are no Muslim Abrahamists. Islam is supreme and any Muslim who might be tempted to adopt Abrahamic principles for reasons other than taqiyya would be sure to meet the fate of all apostates.


Abrahamism is not a religion it is an avoidance of religion. Its proselytizers have substituted cultural diversity, political correctness, socialism and cowardice for God.


Is Barack Obama anti-American?  For twenty years he attended a church that shrieked hatred of America. He knew what this church was about. He did not fall blindly into the “grasp” of Jeremiah Wright. He was a community organizer—a politician. It probably fit his need at the moment.


And then there is Michelle Obama. It wasn’t until her husband appeared on the way to the Democratic nomination in ’08 that Michelle felt the urge to say something nice about America. “For the first time in my adult lifetime,” she said, “I am really proud of my country.” Americans are “guided by fear,” she said. America is “just downright mean.”


Whether this was a reflection of what she had absorbed as the President’s spouse or what she had had stuffed into her head by the Liberal-Progressive professorial swat teams at Princeton and Harvard is debatable. She wouldn’t be the first person to speak ill of a country or an organization until she got the chance to run it.


Obama has said Islam is a religion of toleration. He fondly remembers the kind treatment of the Christian minority when he was domiciled in Indonesia. He was ten years old. When John C. Calhoun was the same age he thought slavery was a fine thing and benefited the slaves as much as the owners. The only time the Christians have been treated with respect by the Muslims in Indonesia was when the Christians outnumbered them ten-to-one. It never happened.


The President recently cited the Spanish Caliphate as a good example of how people of different faiths could live together peacefully. Once again the President is mistaken. Every law governing the behavior of non-Muslims in present day Saudi Arabia was in effect during the Caliphate. Christians were treated like dirt. They rebelled and threw out the Moors while there were still enough of them left to get the job done.


It must be remembered that Catholics did not write the history of the Spanish Inquisition, it was written by Protestants while chasing witches across the European continent. Recent historical research has debunked most of what was once accepted as fact about the Inquisition.


The President has not stood up to the terrorists. He has made excuses for them; he has bowed and scraped to the King of Saudi Arabia, welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood into the Whitehouse. He has referred to the Fort Hood massacre as workplace violence. 


It did not take long for the Administration to find an excuse for the violence that took place in Libya and Egypt on the anniversary of 9/11. It was an anti-Muslim video that appeared on YouTube in July. In July!


If the President’s behavior was spineless, Hillary Clinton’s was cowardly. And she wants to be President!


Roosevelt did not apologize to Japan for Pearl Harbor and Lincoln did not apologize to Montgomery for Fort Sumter; Clinton should have broken relations with Libya and Egypt, called our Ambassadors home—those that were still alive—and cut off the economic spigot.


Since Obama’s been in office we have alienated our friends and encouraged our enemies.


Now for the 1,460 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama…let’s see, there is one for each day of his Presidency.


This could take a while 

Raw, Pickled Hamburgers

Islam, sexual deviancy and uncovered meat

by Max Flack (ret.)



Well, Ah must admit Ah had not given it much thought. Why would Muslim men think they had a right to rape white women? It couldn’t be because white women didn’t wear much in the way of clothes. That didn’t make sense.


For some time now Muslim Imams have been describing white women as uncovered meat, like sides of beef left out in the street for the cats to eat. It’s an interesting metaphor but it is difficult to visualize. Ah has never seen a Muslim man that Ah thought looked like a cat—cool or otherwise; a dead one maybe, but not cool or otherwise. Most of the Muslim men Ah have seen look more like Mohammed Atta with the Devil’s pitchfork sticking in his butt than they do like the Sheikh of Araby. But that’s only mah personal opinion and is based on years of reading Li’l Abner and watching old Rudolph Valentino movies.


Then Ah remembered the big demonstration the Sikhs held in Luton, a large town about 30 miles north of London, a couple of weeks ago.  They were protesting the rape of a teenage Punjabi girl by what the police described as a 19-year-old Radical.


A Radical? Is Karl Marx riding high again? No, the police is now calling Muslim terrorists Radicals.


Once upon a time a Muslim was Muslim. Then they migrated to England. When the crime rate shot through the roof the Muslims became Asians. I don’t know what Charlie Chan would have thought of that—probably not much.


Now that Muslims has dishonored the name of Asians it appears the authorities are going to call them Radicals. But that won’t work in the Sikh community. They know a Muslim when they see one.


Ah suppose one of these days the police will start calling these malefactors of great religion wherever it is they hails from. They will be Yorkshiremen or Hertfordshiremen or Londoners—wherever they was last domiciled. The Liberals will like that—it will keep them from having to face reality for a few more months.


Pat Garrett, bless his heart, never once referred to Billy the Kid as Old Man Kid. He was always the Kid. Truth in advertising—it’s a lost art. It went out with Churchill and Maggie Thatcher.


Muslim men have been targeting Sikh women for more than 20 years. It’s an old and sad story.


All that talk about uncovered meat and the Sikh protests got me to thinking and when the boys at Joe’s Bar and Grille and Gun Club suggested Ah should look into it Ah decided to mosey down to the nearest Coffeehouse, secure a public chair in front of the place and take a look at the uncovered meat Ah was assured would be passing by all day long. Maybe Ah could find out what made Muslim men to want to rape white women—not that they hasn’t had their way with tens of thousands of Southeast Asians, Hindus, Buddhists and animists, Allah being oft-forgiving.  It’s a nice phrase—oft-forgiving. Ah don’t know what Jesus Christ would have said but Ah can guess—He would have written ole Mahomet out of the Bible and Louis Farrakhan would be selling Kool-Aid to ex-cons these days instead of gabbing and parading around Chicago with Rahm Emanuel.


Now Ah must admit some of the women Ah viewed were a bit uncovered but nothing like the Folies Bergere. Hugh Hefner would have fallen asleep. Even Potsy and Ralph Malph would have gotten bored after a few minutes. And the ladies came in all sizes and shapes and ages. They was young girls trying to walk like grown women and old ladies trying to walk like young girls. Some wore shorts, some wore miniskirts; some wore granny dresses. They was all well-behaved. They wasn’t flaunting their wares. Ah had a good time; Ah was in the shade and Ah don’t think Ah nodded off more then two or three times.


And the menfolk were respectful. They was like the women—they came in all sizes, shapes and ages. They was this one young fella playing the guitar. He smiled at the uncovered meat as if they was all packaged and they smiled back. They was folks seated at the tables, talking and passing the time of day, sipping coffee and chocolate beverages. It was as if Ah was in mah own living room entertaining a passel of in-laws and it didn’t cost me a cent.


Ah tried to imagine what it would be like if Ah was a Muslim man. It was difficult. Now some of the ladies was downright pretty but not a single licentious thought entered mah head. No matter how Ah tried Ah could not get stirred up. Maybe Ah had seen it all. Maybe Christianity had ruined me. Ah had seen so much uncovered meat Ah had grown used to it—Ah had accepted it as natural. Was there something wrong with me? Ah didn’t think so. Ah was President of the local George Gabby Hayes Society and when Ah had mah last physical checkup the Doc said Ah was as splendid a specimen of a Neanderthal as he had ever seen. 


Well, Ah was stumped. Ah couldn’t go back to Joes and quote from the Qur’an. The boys would scoff at me. Ah would have to say something intelligent and there was nothing intelligent in the Qur’an. Nothing like ‘Get thee behind me, Satan,” and “Love one another as I have loved you.” It was all about striking off fingertips and eternal doom.


So ah moseyed down to the nearest bar for a beer so’s to get the taste of coffee out of mah mouth. Now, Ah’m not an alcoholic—Ah drinks coffee to get the taste of beer out of mah mouth. Ah’m sort of an indiscriminate drinker.


Well, Ah had scarcely set down at the bar when Ah noticed a group of young women sitting at a table. They was having a great time. They was a laughing and a joking—they was letting their hair down. They was right intelligent and judging from some of the comments Ah managed to overhear a whole lot smarter than most of the men in the bar.


It was sad. When the Muslims take over there won’t be any of that. The gals will be back in the kitchen. Islam will throw one of its burlap bags over the uncovered meat and the world will be a whole lot worse off than it was. And it made me mad. Ah ordered a cup of coffee to get the taste of beer out of mah mouth.


But ah had mah answer. Muslim men were inferior to white women—that’s why the Imams were ranting and raving and calling them uncovered meat. They were hoping to do to Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman what they had done to Muslim women for 1,400 years—terrorize them into a sense of inferiority so the stupidity of Muslim men wouldn’t be so obvious. And to a certain extent they were succeeding—look a Christiane Amanpour and Naomi Wolf and Yvonne Ridley. Pathetic.


Mohammed was a smart fellow—not as smart as Hitler but far more devious. And he hated women. Anyone who would take a nine-year-old girl for a bride was not normal. Aisha and Eva Braun. No child brides for Hitler—he was a grown man.


Now Mohammed was wise enough to know men would be stupid enough to follow him and that women wouldn’t. But he couldn’t get rid of women. Who would he have to push around? So he had Allah declare them stupid. He would treat them like children, cover them from head to toe with burlap or goatskin or whatever it was they used in those days. And they could be circumcised to control their sexual urges. “Do not cut too severely,” he said.


With the spread of Islam into Western Europe cases of female genital mutilation skyrocketed in England, Denmark, the Netherlands and elsewhere. British medical authorities estimate 2,000 young girls were circumcised in England in 2010. The Brits outlawed the practice in 1985 and it’s been illegal since 2003 to take a child outside the country to give her the works—to make her a grown women.


And as far as Ah know no one has told Barack Obama that an estimated 228,000 women have been circumcised or are at risk of being put under the knife in the US. Most of these women are Muslims or from African countries. And the Democratic Party is talking about the Republican’s war on women. Ah guess birth control pills mean more to them then carving up some poor young girl with an exacto knife. Even George Wallace wasn’t that sick.


So the Prophet gave Muslim men domain over women—all women, Muslim women, white women, ebony women. He turned Muslim men into sexist, chauvinist homophobic pigs. It was quite an accomplishment. Hitler could have learned from Mahomet.


But the good Lord in his infinite wisdom was smarter than Allah. He made women more intelligent than men. And to make sure they didn’t take advantage of the lesser endowed he made men stronger—a separation of powers that must have had Thomas Jefferson chuckling to himself all the way to the Constitutional Convention.


Ah went back to Joe’s Bar and Grille and Gun Club. “Boys,” Ah said. “Women is smarter than men and men is stronger than women.”


“Shucks, we know that,” said Socrates. “That’s why we got married—so we would have someone to do our thinking for us while we do our men stuff—like huntin’ and drinkin’ and explorin’ outer space.”


“What about the uncovered meat?” asked Joe. “Did you get an angle on that?”


So I quoted from the Qur’an—and they scoffed.


So I quoted from Tabari—and they scoffed.


“You can’t tell us Muslim men believe that crap?” said Fruit Fly Paznicky.


“Unfortunately, they do,” Ah said. “For lack of a better phrase, they is sexist chauvinist homophobic pigs.”


Cowsnofsky blinked. “Has anybody told Gloria Steinem?” he asked.


“Ah’m afraid old Gloria is on their side in this war,” Ah said.


“I can’t understand it,” said Joe. “I’ve been to the ballet three times in the last year and I’m getting to enjoy it. What more do they want?”


“This is a battle for the heart and soul of America,” Ah said. “The left has joined with our enemies to bring down Capitalism. It doesn’t matter to them that Muslim men are ten times worse than we’ve ever been. They hates Rooster Cogburn more than Ned Pepper did. They thinks when its all over they will be running things.”


Sad,’ said Cowsnofsky. “Sad.”


Everyone was silent for a moment. Then Joe smiled. “Well, how was the uncovered meat?” he asked.


"Can’t say that Ah saw any,” Ah said. “But Ah do have a sudden hankering for one of your raw, pickled hamburgers.”


Seven Dirty Old Men



Vote for Bill Pascrell

Catholic, Abrahamist, Socialist, Fool



 Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) is an Abrahamist. He is also a Catholic. Imam Mohammad Qatanani who regularly preaches sermons at the Islamic Center of Passaic in New Jersey is an Abrahamist. He is also a Muslim. Robert Edgar and John Esposito are Abrahamists. Both are Christians; one is a Catholic. Barack Obama may be an Abrahamist though he doesn’t come right out and say so. 

Abrahamists believe the three great monolithic religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—are like peas in a pod. They sprang from the same source; they worship the same God. Does it matter that one reads from the Torah, another from the New Testament, the last from the Qur’an? No. Jew, Christian, Muslim, they all believe in the same things, in the sanctity of life, in peace and toleration. Does it matter that one celebrates Lent, another the Passover, and the last Ramadan? No, they are brothers under the skin—they are Abrahamists. They get along together. There is more good will amongst Abrahamists than there was amongst Mork and Mindy; more than there was amongst the Sons of Katie Elder ten minutes after the shooting started..  

Eat your heart out, Bill Maher, and you too, Franklin Graham. We are all Abrahamists, says Robert Edgar. “Aren’t we wonderful?”

So why wouldn’t Bill Pascrell, the Catholic, go to bat for Imam Qatanani, the Muslim? After all, in addition to one being a Catholic and the other a Muslim they are both Abrahamists.  

Qatanani migrated to the United States in 1996. He applied for permanent residency in ‘99. He never got a green card. In 2006 the US government started deportation proceedings against him. It seems the Imam had a past. He hadn’t been a running guns for the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight or knitting suicide-bomber belts for Hamas Mouse—nothing that serious—but he had forgotten to mention to immigration authorities that the Israelis had arrested him in ‘93 while on a visit to the West Bank.

You mean that old thing? It was a little misunderstanding—a difference in the definition of Abrahamism.

Qatanani was detained for three months. The Israeli Army claimed he belonged to an unauthorized association and provided services for said association and for being a member of Hamas and acting on its behalf. He was fined, sentenced to three months in the slammer and given a 12-month suspended sentence.

Qatanani forgot to mention the incident when he applied for permanent residency. It happens all the time. Muslims have a tendency to forget things like that. The Department of Homeland Security has been trying to boot him out of the country since ‘05.

One would think that with expulsion hanging over his head, he would be more careful with what he said. But he hasn’t been. Some would say he is full of wind. He likes to talk about Palestine. And the First Amendment gives him the right to be as obnoxious as he can.

“We (the Palestinians),” he said, “have a historical and geographical right to the land. We must teach this to the young and our children.”

Actually the Jews were there first and the Palestinians left voluntarily in ’48 and most of those who fled are now dead, many by self-inflicted wounds, and the remaining so-called Palestinians—they range in age up to sixty years—cannot go back to where they have never lived without being an invading force. But this requires a delicacy and a logic that appears beyond the capabilities of a modern-day Palestinian.

The Imam has expressed his admiration of Yusuf al-Qaradowi, has defended the practice of charity for the children of suicide-bombers, rues the day Israel was created and continues to support the Holy Land Foundation.

Among Qatanani’s most famous quotes is this bit of seismic lucidity: “Oh brothers and sisters. On such a day, a human disaster occurred; on 5 and 10, the 15th of May 1948 was the greatest disaster which occurred on the face of the earth. It is what is known today as the Palestinian nabka…the State of Israel was established on the Land of Palestine.”

He also says it was impossible for airliners to destroy the World Trade Center. Here’s a man who has never heard of Terry and the Pirates acting like he knew something about aviation. But he has a vision of the future worthy of Darth Vader.

“How do you view the world of 2020?” he asks. Then he goes on to say what it will be like. “The majority of people that was declared in the speeches of the politicians, we expect the world to be Muslim from Morocco to China.”

The only thing non-Muslims need to fear he said is fear itself—not stonings, not honor killings, not suicide bombers, not halal chicken at McDonalds—but fear itself. “The reason for the spread of Islam,” he said, “is because the West has been bankrupt spiritually and has become looking for about something to fill his spirit and mind.” Yes, if only the West were more like Islam. A re-born Ku Klux Klan and a new Inquisition would be a start. And what could be better to raise the spirits and fill the minds of the masses than weekly witch hunts with real live witches, firing squads and roadside bombs. Bubba and Jim Bob would be mesmerized The sappy mind-numbing Liberal-progressive attacks on the Tea Party and the Wall Street brokers have dulled our savage instincts. Give America somebody to hate.

It sounds ugly but not to worry—the Abrahamists will save us from ourselves. Congressman Pascrell has been defending the downtrodden since he was knee high to a tax increase. Look what he’s done for Qatanani. On the other hand he hasn’t done much of anything for George Zimmerman or Benjamin Netanyahu or children blown to pieces by terrorist bombs in Israel or…

Say? Why in the hell is Pascrell defending someone like Qatanani?  Pascrell is a Catholic, isn’t he? Sure, he is. And so is John Esposito. And so were the school administrators that fired Thomas Klocek at DePaul University. Pascrell, Esposito, the DePaul administrators—Catholics, Abrahamists, Americans. There are thousands of Catholics just like them. Mike Huckabee would love them. Maybe he could get some of them on his show.

The Question is why would a God-fearing Catholic support Qatanani? The Imam has ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhod; he is for a Palestinian right-of-return, for a Grand Caliph stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, for Sharia Law.

"If you think you’re gonna fill the collective or personal benefits of human beings, it would not be acceptable outside Sharia,” he said in an ICPC lecture. “Some people will seek to find happiness outside of the Sharia…(this) is the pinnacle of ignorance and…the pinnacle of silliness.”

Ignorance and silliness... 

There is no real difference between the three Abrahamic religions. Judaism, Christianity, Islam…

Could it be Pascrell and Esposito are mistaken in their assumptions about Islam? Certainly they have read the Qur’an. They must know the difference between Allahu akbar and Jesus saves, between a suicide bomber’s belt and an aspergillum.  They must know the Qur’an does not accept Catholics as People of the Book let alone as Abrahamists. What does the Qur’an say?

Qur’an 5:17 “Verily they are disbelievers and infidels who say, ‘The Messiah, son of Mary, is God’”

Qur'an 5:73 "They are surely dusbelievers who blaspheme and say, 'God is one of three in the Trinity for there is no Ilah (God) except one, Allah. If they desist not from saying this (blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall them--the disbelievers will suffer a painful doom.'"

The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost—the Trinity. Surely, Pascrell believes in the Trinity. So does Esposito. If they don’t they are not Catholics.

The sad truth is that neither Pascrell nor Esposito is a Catholic. Oh, they say they are but they aren’t. And they are not Abrahamists—they are Socialists. They have given their souls to Marx and Engels. They believe in social justice, in taxing the rich, in getting rid of the kulaks, in making the world free from pain.

If one thinks his religion isn’t any better than anybody else’s then he has no religion. It need not be pointed out that there are no real Muslim Abrahamists. The Qur’an does not allow for it. 

Pascrell is not a Catholic and he is not an Abrahamist; he is a Socialist—a Socialist, an opportunist and a fool.

And Catholics are going to vote for this man?


Mark Twain's Hollywood

Removing all doubt



Rosie O’Donnell dropped out of Dickinson College; she moved on to Boston University. It was a nice place. But all those science books! Whew! What a drag! It wasn’t long before she took French leave. People should be judged on what they know, not on what they didn’t learn in college. And that’s the way Rosie will be judged. It’s a cruel world, isn’t it? But it’s effort that counts and in spite of her academic shortcomings Rosie has become Hollywood’s foremost philosopher. She’s not at smart as William F. Buckley—who would want to be that smart? Buckley can use 10,000 words to describe what he had for breakfast and 20,000 for dinner and never once mention George W. Bush. Rosie can tell you everything she knows in twenty words or less and has done so on numerous occasions. Isn’t that something?


Sean Penn studied auto mechanics and speech at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California. He didn’t graduate but if you ever need a set of spark plugs changed, it wouldn’t hurt to give him a call. He’s s got what is called street smarts. He’s worth quoting—not at length, of course. He said, “If the United States has nuclear weapons, than why can’t Iran have nuclear weapons?” That took serious thinking—Gomer and Goober could have used a man with Sean’s loquacity to wait on the city fellers at the gas station. Sean is odds-on favorite to win this year’s Neville Chamberlain Peace At Any Price Prize.


Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks attended West Texas A&M for two semesters—learned everything she needed to know about farming and mining, but did she go into the agro-business to feed the starving masses of Africa or open a silver mine to sate the hungry bankers at IMF? Heck, no, she went back to school—spent a year-and-a-half hitting the books at South Plains College! But even that didn’t satisfy her thirst for knowledge. Natalie moved on to the Berklee College of Music! “We’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas,” she said. It must have been that advanced class in geography she took at Plains.


George Clooney attended Northern Kentucky University—briefly. He also attended the University of Cincinnati—briefly. Does that make Mr. Clooney—or Rosie or Sean or Natalie—any less of an academic whiz than, say, Woody Harrelson who has a BA in Theatre Arts from Hanover College in Indiana or Alec Baldwin who graduated from New York University with a BFA? Maybe—it depends on whether or not they know how to spell scurrilous.


Baldwin has called Vice-President Richard Cheney “a lying thieving oil whore” and “a murderer of the US Constitution” and “a hate-filled maniac.” And he doesn’t like Henry Hyde. “If we were in another country,” he said, adding mustard to his relish, “we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their home and kill their wives and children. We would kill their families.” One can only hope he doesn’t say things like that around his kids.


Woody Harrelson likes to brandish his Theatre Arts degree in the faces of Conservative Americans. “This is a racist and imperialist war,” he said. “The warmongers who stole the White House have hijacked a nation’s grief and turned it into a perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist.” Woody has already proved White Guys Can’t Jump and he is bound and determined to prove White Guys Can’t Think. What a success story!


How about Susan Sarandon—she’s got a BA from Catholic University? Or Alan Alda—he’s got a BA from Fordham. Are they too smart…too educated for the likes of Sean and Natalie? How about Roseanne Barr? Yeah, how about Roseanne Barr? Sean, Natalie; Ms O’Donnell—they can’t hold a candle to Roseanne when it comes to pure, raw, naked sarcasm. Archie Bunker was afraid of her. And chutzpah? Grouch Marx could have taken lessons from Roseanne. Paris Hilton may have. Don Imus may wish he had. And Roseanne is coming out of retirement—or something like it. And she has one tremendous advantage over Hollywood’s reigning philosophers—she a genuine high school dropout. None of that one semester at the West Podunk School of Advanced Cosmetology nonsense! She hasn’t any more book learning than Jethro Bodine, but she’s wily. Oh, is she wily! She’s smart enough not to ask Sean Penn to change her spark plugs! And she appears to be making her move to replace Rosie O’Donnell!


“I am against theocracies in general. I like democracy and diversity,” she said recently. “I dare to think outside the small box of predigested Bronze Age Myths.”


Bronze Age? Did Roseanne say Bronze? Who on earth would connect Roseanne with the Bronze Age? She belongs to the Age of Brass. Maybe Alec Baldwin belongs to the Bronze Age and Woody Harrelson would look right at home clubbing pterodactyls in the Pleistocene Age, but Roseanne it pure one-hundred percent Brass.


“Zionism was the nail in the casket of European Jewry,” says Roseanne. “The Arab’s protection is the only reason any holy sites remain in Israel.”


That must have been predigested by al-Qaeda. Rosie O’Donnell wouldn’t have said anything that cumbersome even if Donald Trump had her in a headlock. It is contemptible small box twaddle—Bronze Age thinking. Zionism is not the last nail in the casket of European Jewry. Zionism is not a nail—maybe a thumbtack. This is not to deny that a coffin is being prepared in Europe for the Jews, but it’s not the Zionists who are hammering the ten-penny nails into the sarcophagus; it’s the millions of Allahu akbar- spewing Muslim immigrants who have invaded the Continent like locusts swarming over a Kansas wheat field. What Hitler wasn’t able to accomplish, Tariq Ramadan is doing with the generous aid of cretins like Jacques Chirac and Red Ken Livingstone.


One doesn’t want to be overly critical of a high school dropout, but Roseanne is also mistaken about Islam protecting Jewish holy sites. These holy sites are protected because they are also Muslim holy sites—and for no other reason. The religion of peace isn’t a religion of peace. Islam’s record makes Alaric look like Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. Shortly before 9/11, the Taliban destroyed the famous giant Bamiyan Buddhas. In 1992, Muslim mobs burned and destroyed numerous Hindu shrines in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Since 1999, Muslims have destroyed 140 Christian churches in Kosovo. Roseanne’s kind of dullness—one does not want to call it ignorance—is not learned in a day. Most high school dropouts don’t talk about things they don’t know anything about. It’s called street smarts.


Mark Twain said, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”


Twain would have loved the 21st Century—the Age of Gilded Philosophy.



Andre Carson's Modest Proposal


Jethro Bodine went to Oxford-not exactly a finishing school. Tom and Huck matriculated at Coon Hollow Prep-a word they never understood. And Rosie O'Donnell-well, the less said about Rosie, the better. They all turned out pretty well. Or is that very well?

But to hear Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) talk they were deprived of a good education. They might as well have not had any at all. Carson is a Muslim; he believes America should change its educational system-make it more user friendly. It should adopt the most successful system in the world-the Madrassas.

Now Jethro inherited his money from his Uncle Jed; Tom and Huck owed everything to Mark Twain; and Rosie's big mouth was actually her own doing. On the other hand Carson had to work hard for everything he got. There were no Madrassas in the US when he was growing up. He had to go to a public school. He graduated from Arsenal Technical High School. He got his start in law enforcement. He later joined the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and supervised an anti-terrorist unit in the Intelligence Fusion Center. And he did all this without having been schooled in a Madrassas. Who knows-if it hadn't been for Carson's hard work the Chase Tower might have went down instead of the World Trade Center. If he had been schooled in a Madrassas only Allah could have known what might have happened. 

Carson inherited his grandmother's seat in Congress in 2008 in a special election. Though Julia Carson was a Baptist she invited Louis Farrakhan to speak at her funeral. She had raised Andre and he had worked tirelessly for her in her reelection campaigns. She was a Liberal-progressive.

Andre converted to Islam in the 1990s. He says our schools should be modeled on the Islamic Madrassa. Innovation and ingenuity is encouraged in the Madrassa, he says.

It sounds good. A little innovation never hurt anybody. And ingenuity can keep a person's fingers attached to his hand when he gets to monkeyng around with a bomb.

The students in a Madrassas study the Qur'an. It's not much different than the Bible-a little more up-to-date that's all. Sure, there's a lot of talk of eternal doom and curses on the unbelievers, and a striking off of heads, and of lying in wait and ambush for the disbelievers but there's no bomb making.

It's not much different from what Tom and Huck got from the Bible. God told the Jews to slay the Canaanites; Allah told the Muslims to slay the Jews, the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Spaniards, the Crusaders, and eventually that new breed of Jew, the Israelis, and, of course, the Americans. Slay the unbeliever, smite off his fingertips, says the Qur'an. But they don't really mean it. 9/11 was an aberration. Sure.

Carson says only the Madrassas can meet the multiple needs of our students. If smiting off fingertips is one of them then he is correct.  The God of the Bible got tired of slaying after he rid the world of the Canaanites. He turned things over to his Son who got involved in that separation of Church and State business. His Son? Isn't that blasphemy? The Qur'an says so. So eternal doom to all the His followers!

Carson appears to be behind the curve on education. There are more Madrassas in the United States than Barack Obama knows what to do with, more than the Democrats can make excuses for. Why does he want more? Many of these Madrassas, if not all of them, are funded by Saudi Arabian petro-dollars. They teach Wahhabism.

Moderate Muslims will tell you Wahhabism is a fundamentalist movement, started in the 18th Century by Muhammad al-Wahhab. It's all about getting back to the basics of Islam. It has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, with al-Qaeda, with Osama bin Laden, with terror, or with the Saudi government.

The Saudis have spent a lot of money the past twenty years building Madrassas all over the world-about $87 billion dollars. That's a lot of barrels of oil. The schools teach impoverished children how to read and to study the Qur'an. It's that simple. No one needs to worry. It's the Qur'an. Didn't Tom and Huck study the Bible at Coon Hollow Prep?

Moderate Muslims are not the best sources of information on the Madrassas. The Saudi imposed curriculum is closer to the indoctrination Hans and Fritz received at the Horst Wessels Academy in Nazi Germany in 1938 than to anything Tom and Huck heard on the days they did show up for class. Madrassas students learn little of value except for religion.

In a study made by Vali Nasr of a Pakistan Madrassas it was discovered that most of the Malaysian and Thai students that returned to their native lands after graduation became at best hot-headed preachers spewing out hatred of Christians, Buddhists and animists or they actually participated in terror themselves. As far as is known the Pakistani graduates went to work immediately after receiving their certificates.

The Saudis fund a vast network of schools and charities stretching from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to the Philippines. They are in Kosovo and Bosnia. They are in New Orleans and New York City.

Nasr writes: "In order to have terrorists, in order to have supporters for terrorists, in order to have people who are willing to interpret religion in violent ways, in order to have people who are willing to legitimate crashing yourself into a building and killing 5,000 innocent people, you need particular interpretations of Islam. Those interpretations of Islam are being propagated out of schools that receive organizational and financial funding from Saudi Arabia. In fact, I would push it further that these schools would not have existed without Saudi backing."

America needs Muslims, says Carson. Sure, like Germany needed Nazis in the 1930s and the South needed slave-traders like Nathan Bedford Forrest in the 1850s though in all fairness to Forrest he did not want to foist his disease on the rest of America. If he had been a Muslim he would have been an advanced thinker.

Carson insists there are three kinds of learners and only the Madrassas can meet their needs. There are visual learners who learn by what they see; there are auditory learners that learn by what they hear; and, of course, the kinesthetic learner who learns by what he feels.

Tom and Huck leaned in their first day at Coon Hollow what took Carson a lifetime to figure out. They could see from the size of their reading books and the lack of pictures that education wasn't going to be easy. They heard what the teacher said and they got to feel the sting of his rod. No one told them not to take the Cherokee and the Chippewa for friends. The Bible remained on the shelf.

From Zanzibar to Virginia hatred is being taught in the Madrassas. There are more than 2,000 Madrassas in England-that's a scary total. Most of these Muslim schools are full time; some are part time.

Investigative reporters have managed to get undercover cameras into some of these so-called schools.  What they show is not heartening. Teachers refer to non-Muslims as Kuffars and other derogatory names; they tell their students that Hindus have no brains and drink cow urine. Students are frequently beaten. A few Madrassas are showcased for the press and the public. These schools have mixed-gender classes and preach tolerance of other religions. (Not acceptance, tolerance)

Dr. Taj Hargey, an academic and theologian, runs one of these part-time schools in Oxford. He said he set up the school because of complaints by Muslim parents of beatings. "It's an outdated concept," he said, "and if we inflict this violence we will sow the seeds of violence in them."

Darul Uloom controls the Madrassas in England. The man behind Darul Uloom, is Riyadh ul-Haq. He was denied entrance to Canada a few years ago for his ties to terrorism.

Far more troubling than Carson's stupid call to Talibanize the American school system was the support he received from the Democratic Party. No one condemned his speech. Islam is no different than Christianity said the Abrahamists. Tom and Huck could do with a little cultural diversity.

But striking off fingertips...

And then came Laura Ingraham on The Factor. She was subbing for Bill O'Reilly. She would put that clown Carson in his place. Of course Carson refused to appear on The Factor. So Laura brought on Harris Zafar of the Muslim Ahmadiya community. Zafar is a member of Muslims for Peace.

Unfortunately Laura went into her Dennis Kucinich mode. She agreed with everything Zafar put in her mouth. Madrassas might be religious schools but so were the hundreds of   Catholic schools that populate America and no one has complained about them except for the ACLU, Michael Moore, Bill Maher and the thousands of Emma Goldman reading libraries scattered across America from Cambridge to Berkeley.

We can learn from each other, said Laura and Harris agreed. This is one great big country. There's room for everybody and for a wide variety of opinions.

Once again a conservative who would had trembled with rage at the sight of David Duke was unable to ask a tough question of a so-called moderate Muslim.

Laura, Laura, Laura, a moderate Muslim is no more moderate than a moderate Nazi or a moderate Klansman. Doesn't it bother you that there are no ‘Liberal' Muslims?

This brings up a serious question: Just how much money has Al-Waleed bin Talal sunk into FOX News? He is reportedly worth $18 billion. That can buy a lot of silence. Maybe Laura has never read the Qur'an. If she had she might have come to the same conclusion Bill Maher did. "It is a book full of hatred," said Maher. Who would have thought Maher was ahead of Laura Ingraham in the war on terrorism? Andre Carson?




                                      Bee stings and terror


Did you know that bee stings kill more people in the UK every year than are killed by Muslim terrorists? That's right. David Anderson, who serves as an Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, said bee, hornet and wasp stings killed five people in 2010, while Asian Jihadists did not send a single person to his eternal reward.

Terrorism is no longer the threat it once was says Anderson. Yet the people of the UK are slowly losing their freedoms because the terrorist threat is being exaggerated for political and economic reasons.

Has Anderson been stung by a bee? It takes a lot to stir up one of the little rascals. Maybe it was a hornet that tore into him-they are more aggressive and range farther. And a hornet can smell fear. Nonetheless warns Anderson we must not become complacent

Maybe it's all in his definition of terrorism. Perhaps Mr. Independent Reviewer does not consider some of the violent acts committed in large numbers in England as terror. Maybe he is tired of the war on terrorism-maybe he is giving up. There comes a time in the life of all civilization when the public begins to look the other way, to redefine what terrorism is, to take council of its fears, when it attempts to make life more livable, to wish away the devil.

Just the other day a British journalist, Natasha Smith, 21, was sexually assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square while covering the Egyptian presidential election. A mob stripped her of her clothes, groped her; did things to her that would have caused Potsy and Ralph Malph to faint dead away. She escaped with the aid of friends by donning male garb and a burqa.

Now this happened in Egypt. Sure, in Egpyt-nothing like this could have taken place in England. No sir. Well, think again. The Muslim Brotherhood is more popular among Muslims in London than the Queen, Ahmadinajed and Khameini are more respected than David Cameron. More than 60 percent of British Muslims want Shari'ah Law in England. Those that don't will do nothing to stop it's implementation. Both sides are following Holy Scripture.

Qur'an 33:36 "It is not fitting for a Muslim man or woman to have any choice in their affairs when a matter has been decided for them by Allah and His Messenger. They have no option. If anyone disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he is indeed on a wrong path."

No one wants to be on the wrong path. Jihad is one of the pillars of Islam and the most important for without Jihad Islam would collapse. Jihad (terror) is part of every Muslim's duty.

Qur'an 48:17 "There is no blame for the blind, nor is it a sin for the lame, nor one ill if he joins not in the fighting. But he who retreats, Allah will punish him with a painful doom."

No one killed by terrorists. Maybe But two Muslim men, Rezgar Nouri, 27, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, repeatedly raped a drunken woman they came across in Preston last June. The woman had become separated from her friends. After a lengthy trial a Court of Appeals ruled the two men could not be defined as ‘dangerous.' There was insufficient evidence.

The rat-bags got twelve years in the slammer and all the halal food they can eat. They will be out in a lot less than twelve years.

Was it rape or an act of terrorism? Rape is one of Islam's ways of keeping women in line. It is also used to punish non-Muslim women for not being Muslims.

Qur'an 33:51 "You may have whomever you desire; there is no blame."

Anderson had better rethink his definition of terrorism. If one takes into consideration acts of rape as terrorism then terrorism is not on the decline in England or in the other European states.

A Muslim taxi driver Asif Iqbal of Newport South Wales was recently convicted of raping two white women who had the misfortune of getting into his cab while drunk. It appears Iqbal hangs around pubs and nightclubs preying on drunken women. Detectives believe he has committed far more than two rapes. His wife, obviously a fine specimen of Islamic womanhood, was sentenced to six months for perverting the course of justice.

A few years ago an illegal Muslim immigrant, Ibrahim Selman, was arrested for raping a Scottish women he picked up in front of a bar. It was not his first rape of a passenger. Somehow he managed to get a license to drive a private taxi. Selman has since fled to Sudan. Iqbal and Selman are only two in a long list of Muslim cabdrivers that have been preying on women. This is terrorism. It would frighten Joy Behar.

Jack the Ripper raped a lot of women but he didn't do it for religious reasons-he was a nut. Rape should not be tolerated and it isn't by law enforcement agencies but the media seems to look the other way when Muslims are involved and always describes the villain as an Asian.

"Put out an all points bulletin for Charlie Chan and Hirohito's grandnephew! We'll get those rascals!"

But Muslim cabdrivers are only the tip of the iceberg. The problem is Muslim men-all of them, from cabbie to Imam to electrical engineer, they have been raping English and European women at an incredible rate. Rapes in the Scandinavian countries have doubled, tripled and quadrupled over the past decade and the increase is due to Muslim immigration.

There is a total lack of respect for women among Muhammed and Ahmed and Iqbal and Ibrahim. The phrase, sexist chauvinist homophobic pigs, comes to mind. It was made for them; it fits like a fist on the eye. Bill Maher might have used a pithier expression.

If a Muslim can insist a search at an airport is evidence of Islamophobia what is one to make of rape? It is terror. And there are honor killings-easy to disguise with the compliance of a Muslim doctor.

It didn't take much research to discover that the vast majority of people stung by bees recover in a few hours, if not minutes. The bee does not single out anyone for an attack. There is no plan, no lying in wait. It is always an accident. Rape is a hate crime inspired by the Qur'an. It is no accident. It is meant to demean and humiliate.

Ask any of the million women who have been raped by a Muslim man. "Would you rather have been stung by a bee?" This may be beyond the comprehension of Sher or Rachel Maddow or Christiane Amanpour who are convinced that only white males rape women.

The good thing about a bee sting is that it goes away. Rape never does. It's about time David Anderson recognized Islam for what it is. It is terror. The Prophet imposed it on his followers as well as on their victims. Ii is the only life they know. It will not go away because a handful of moderate Muslims say it will.

John Brown helped do away with slavery-at least in the United States. The world needs John Browns-it doesn't need people like David Anderson who think you have to be dead to be a victim of terror.